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Monday, January 6, 2014

....or the wannabe New Yorker

Here are some interesting links to get you thinking about living in or visiting the greatest city on Earth:

This Blog Reading My Tea Leaves talks all about living in a 250 square foot apartment in NYC. The author provides 80+ survival tips complete with pictures and well-written explanations for thriving in such a tight space.

This might make you drool a bit: 31 Delicious Things You need to Try in NYC this Winter. That Chocolate Babka is looking pretty good right now.
 ( photo: Melissa Hom,

So maybe you want to move to New York, but you would like to know more about getting settled. Check out 10 things to know before moving to nyc from the College Prepster. I especially like number 3, 6, 8, & 10.

There was a winter storm this weekend in NYC. I was still in Minnesota, but these blogs Soho: Weekend in Photos and The Daily Muse: Snow in the city captured what winter in the city looks like. so peaceful.

Cup of Jo created a A guide to New York City and how to Not look like a tourist when roaming around. Cup of Jo has plenty more resources about living in NY if you are interested.

And for good measure, this was my post on Beauty in the City and the late 5 Pointz.  

photo credit: Daily Muse Blog

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