Anything Else?

Friday, June 21, 2013

As I embark on a roommate and apartment hunt I have filled out many survey questions to find compatible roommates. I personally won't make "make-or-break" roommate decisions based on the volume of music they like to listen to, or whether they are omnivores or not (as some of the questions ask). I really don't have much criteria, I like the element of surprise in people. We'll see how that works out. My roommates will be other city year members, so I'll be fine with anyone. Obviously, I would be much more cautious and picky if I was searching for roommates on Craigslist or something.
The last question of the survey just said "anything else." Anything else? Mhm? What else would people want to know about me? This brings me to a list of my quirks. I didn't actually write this on the survey (I don't want to seem like a weirdo), instead I wrote out them my out for my own personal reflection (weird?).
Here's the list-
1. I whip my hair back and forth. I do this for drying purposes. This drives my family crazy because I smack my hair against the wall over and over until it is relatively dry. Ain't nobody got time for a blow dryer.
2. I'm OCD about my toothbrush. This is where my toothbrush lives. I need the control.
3. I don't lock my vehicle. Why? Several reasons. I drive a 1997 mini-van. I don't leave valuables in it. If someone were to break in, I would rather have them just open the door opposed to breaking a window, which has happened to previous Anfinson vehicles. I don't like spending an extra 5 seconds unlocking the door.
4. I secretly want to be called "Gail." To some this isn't a secret. It will one day happen. It might just happen in New York. 
5. I have an alarm clock that flashes the lamp on and off, it vibrates my pillow, and  sounds like a fire alarm. My cell phone alarm has failed me too many times. 6 am bible study? Check. 
6. I people watch and people listen. 
7. My neutral face or default facial expression tend to make me appear sad. I get asked, "are you okay," quite a bit, when I actually feel completely fine. It's hard to smile all the time....unless I'm in a
8. giggly mood. When you start to make me laugh (giggle), I don't stop. Pause, yes, but I love to laugh.


Thursday, June 13, 2013

Art & kids, art & kids

Thursday, June 13, 2013

This week was the start of the art in the park classes that I will be doing throughout Minneapolis this Summer. I also had the opportunity to assistant teach for a little summer camp in the MIA studios. The camp was called My MIA. The students met with three staff members at the MIA, including: a gallery guard (named Thor!), a docent, and the manager of Family Programs (my old boss). Each day we focused on a new medium. Day 1 was sculpture. Day 2 was impressionist painting. Day 3 was tracing and drawing. We went through galleries to see examples of works for inspiration and then the students would sketch certain pieces in their books. Shelby, my sweet little cousin, was a student at the camp which made it super special!
Back to Art-in-the-Park
Here is the schedule of pop-up studios. Kids can come and do structured art projects focused on bugs and pollination in various parks- free! I will be teaching at a good handful of the classes. I would love to see familiar faces!
Here is the schedule of 3-part studios. You can register for these- these are also free! Some are full already, but feel free to check
Check out the MIA Family events page for more family and kid fun this Summer. There are festivals, classes and more.

My little space

Thursday, June 13, 2013

These Summer days have been good. My room feels nice and fresh, and I'm slowly getting rid of stuff as a prepare for my move to NY in less than 2 months. I love having an open window- and I keep it open 24/7. I'm hoping it doesn't get too hot, because I really don't want to put an ugly A/C unit there.
I hope I have a nice view out of my window in NY. My view here ain't so hot, but at least I can see some greenery and hear the birds. 

Drum roll, please....

Thursday, June 6, 2013

What am I doing Next Year?
For those who didn't see my previous post or do not know, I will be taking a gap year! See here. I will be taking my gap year with City Year, a program through AmeriCorps in New York City! Find out more about what I will do by clicking here!

Here are some highlights of what I'll do in the program:
-Provide Academic Support through one-on-one and group tutoring.
-Make attendance and positive phone calls home and lead mentor groups
-Organize and lead activities, celebrations and projects to improve the community and school  environment
-Team Based Service
-After School Program

Secondly, I will (Lord willing) help a church plant in Brooklyn, NY.  I don't know exactly what my role will be with it, but I'm really excited about the church plant this is happening because it is different than the traditional church, and I believe that church has to be different than it is now, because most of my generation are non church-goers. When it comes down to it, it's not about going to church; it's about a relationship with Jesus, and the church model Mike and Nicole are implementing will help foster that. Even if I'm only with their church for a year, I will learn and take away things from it.

Why am I supposed to go to New York City? How do I know?
  • Future goals- I want to be a teacher or work in the education system when I grow up. Doing City Year in NYC will be a great training ground for that. I consistently tutored a 5th grade student this last semester, and really enjoyed it. I know that I will get great experience working in under-performing NY schools full-time.
  • Take Risks! At my graduation ceremony, our principal boldly told us to not live a safe life. If I stayed here for my gap year, I believe that I would be doing the safe and easy thing. Yes, it would still be beneficial, but I know that doing MN math corps will not stretch me like City Year will.
  • I am young. I feel like it makes the most sense to do adventures like this when I am young, because I don’t have a family, any debt, or a house.
  • Other signs- One week I felt that God was giving me little signs that NY is the thing for me. In school we had a Creative Expressions Night and we were required to decorate a room based on a theme. Each room is given a different theme, and the room I was placed in happened to be New York City! sweet. I spent that week looking for all things New York. I even made a fun, little NY skyline. Secondly, the whole idea of a gap year still scared me at the time; I needed affirmation that taking a gap year was the right thing. That week, one of the founders of Hope Academy spoke with all the seniors and said that he encouraged his kids to take a gap year. He believed taking a gap year to explore your interests is a wise and beneficial thing to do. I was glad to hear that!
  • It won’t be easy! Challenges are what make me grow! Here are some of the challenges-
~It will force me to manage a tight budget
~To ask for help from others
~To live simply
~To follow an INTENSE schedule. I will be at school from 7:30 am to 6:30 pm, plus commute time.
~I will probably feel lonely
~I will be away from my family and people I know
~New York is intimidating. No more “Minnesota nice.”
~I will be around many people who are different than me.

  • In February, God gave me a trip to visit the king's college in Manhattan. It was super exciting to see NYC for the first time. While I didn't feel like the college was for me, I loved the city! I kept in NYC in the back of my mind. I believe that God allowed me to visit so I would become excited about this city.
  • Church Plant- Shortly after this trip in February, I learned that a couple was moving to Brooklyn, NYC to plant a church there. I thought that was the coolest thing! Nicole was the outreach coordinator at Tapestry, and she and her husband planted Hiawatha church. I wanted to support them in some capacity. More churches need to be planted! New York is a lost city. Find out more about this family by reading their blog.
  • My personal excitement- New York is just an exciting place. My heart feels happy when I think about it. I'm generally a practical person, and it's strange that I have continued to be excited for NY for the last few months, because NYC is not a practical place to live.
  • Answered Prayer- Here’s a story: The other night I had dinner with Mike and Nicole, the couple planting a church in Brooklyn. It was a nice time. At the end of it, we prayed that God would not let me be accepted into this program if it wasn’t God's will. We prayed this because City Year is fairly selective. They accept 20% of applicants, and most of them are college graduates, only a small percentage are high school graduates. The application process was also fairly difficult. I had to write essays, submit a resume, have letters of recommendation, and then do 2 phone interviews. I was supposed to hear whether I was accepted or not on June 7th, but I was notified the NEXT day. Whoa! That had to be God saying, "go!"
  • Faith- This experience will grow my faith. I’m sure of it. How could it not? Moving forward I need to have faith that God will allow me to get out there safely, that he will hopefully place me in Brooklyn so I can be a part of the church plant, that he will give me people to be with, that he will give me the strength to DO city year for 10 months. There's a lot more that I need to depend on God for, but those are some of the main things.
I am SO excited! I can't believe this is happening!!!

What about money?
Will I be able to afford NYC? Yes! I will receive a living stipend and a college scholarship at
the end of the program to help pay for college. Living will be tight, but I’ll be able to do it!
Will I come back?
My plan is to come back after the year. I deferred my admission to the University of Minnesota, and I assume that after the year I will be ready to pursue my college degree.
When will I leave?
I will leave the week of August 5th to 9th. How I'll get there is TBD.
How do my parents feel?
...I am still 17 after all. They were both slightly shocked. At first, my mom was pretty against it, I think my dad was too. However, we have good talks about it, and at our final discussion, they both came to an agreement, and by the sound of their voice, I felt like they were excited for me too.

Please feel free to contact me if you have further questions. I will write more on my blog this Summer, and I will definitely blog and post pictures of life in NYC this coming school year!

Tuesday Recap

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Today was lovely. The weather was not. I shadowed/volunteered at Joyce preschool summer camp. It's a bilingual preschool. I thought maestra Sandra was a wonderful teacher. It was cool to see her teach and interact with the kids... All in Spanish. It was especially fun hearing little 3 and 4 year olds speak Spanish.
Making a piƱata 

Welcome, Summer

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Day 1 of Summer vacation. It was fun to get outside and feel the freedom of having no papers to write, or tests to study for, or topics to research, etc. etc. I could just be myself. I worked however. Babysitting counts as work, correct? Yes, it does. I babysat for 10.5 hours to be exact. Thankfully, babysitting is fun (and there's nap and bedtimes involved.... for the kids). Plus, I have this fun iPhone so I can snap pictures on the go to document my days!

Little Gems

Saturday, June 1, 2013

 A peek into my life as a babysitter. It's quite fun. They never fail to entertain me.

Miss Dramatic

Something caught their eye!

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