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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The following post was sparked after I read Journaling: Why bother?

I have been going through a rough patch in my life lately (okay, the past week and a half). I have picked up journaling again and it's been a calming and helpful practice for me to get back into. I process nearly everything internally before letting it out verbally, and writing it down is the best way to process those complicated things that shouldn't stay floating around in my head.

Journaling is another way for me to communicate meaningful and coherent prayers to God. I know that praying verbally is also important and effective, but sometimes I just need to let it all out on paper.

The candle is very necessary :)

When I'm not consistently journaling, my normal routine includes writing a few sentences EVERYDAY in my 1-sentence journal that will last 5 years. I have been writing in this journal for over 2 years now. It's fun to have it because I can read what I did on any given day.

Here's a random example that I flipped to:
February 1, 2013: "I failed a calculus quiz. Slightly overwhelmed by the research paper. I'm going to have hardly any time this weekend to get things done. Excited for NYC! Tonight was a good Friday."
(the next lines are for February 1, 2014 and so on....)

Okay, so it's pretty simple. Sometimes I use a little more detail, but sometimes I'm just really tired and I write without thinking in order to have SOMETHING written. Yet when I read those words, they can take me back to what I did that day, and I like that. Even if it's a little.
Note: I was referring to NYC because I was going out for the weekend to look at a college. I was not referring to City Year.

Here's to Journaling! My folks gave me a Moleskine journal for Christmas, so I'm going to enjoy filling it up for the next few months!
The said 1 sentence journal and Moleskine.
What about you? Do you spend time journaling? Do you journal to vent, reflect, pray, dream?

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  1. I journaled consistently for a few years and I loved it. It wasn't every day but it really helped me work through things going on in my head. I haven't kept up with it, but I do think a blog is similar to a journal. I need to get back to journaling though. There is so much swimming in my head.


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