Spoken Word Monday

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A week ago, high school students at Hope Academy had an opportunity to recite poetry, spoken word, rap, and other creative pieces for anybody who wanted to watch. Every student had to completely memorize the piece for their performance.  I chose a spoken word by Sarah Kay, called If I should have a daughter. Above is a video of me practicing the piece.
I enjoy spoken word, and would love to write my own work one day, but for now I'll study, memorize, or listen to other great spoken word artists.
Check out: Creative Expression Pictures to find out more about C.E. Night!

Free Thriftin'

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Clothing swaps are one of my favorite things. It combines getting free clothes, getting rid of clothes that I no longer want, and mingling with lovely ladies! Today there was a clothing swap at my Church, The Urban Refuge, and I want to show off my new finds.
Dress pants....2
Cardigan.... 1

Check out those pants! Mini flowers

Dear God...

Friday, April 19, 2013

Are all dreams and big desires from you? They can't all be, but I can hope so. I almost want this desire to go away, incase you close the door to it. But I don't think it will go away. An answer would be great. Any sign would be great!

Today I want to thank you for:
Allowing me to tutor a sweet 5th grader this morning
A nice computer lab at school
A healthy lunch
Time to design a room and work together with other high school students
My Spanish teacher
A car
My wonderful job at the MIA
A car (I really needed it today!)
A great dinner
My mom and my dad and my siblings.

Where I Stand

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I took a Strengths Finder Test a bit ago, and "futuristic" was one of my 5 strengths. Some "ideas for action" for futuristic people include-
-Take time to think about the future. The more time you spend considering your ideas about the future, the more vivid your ideas will become. The more vivid your ideas, the more persuasive you will be.
-Musing about the future comes naturally to you. Read articles about technology, science, and research to gain knowledge that will fuel your imagination.
There were several more action steps, but I will just share those two.
Sometimes I wonder if I really am a "futuristic" person. I believe it can be dangerous to always live in the future. Ideas and plans are great, but all we have is now, and if my mind is always on tomorrow, today just becomes a drag. I am also very practical. Dreaming big is difficult for me, because usually BIG doesn't mean practical. Nonetheless, I still find myself taking pleasure in brainstorming and thinking about the future.
At this point you probably assume that I am about to rattle on about my fabulous plans for the future. I am a senior after all, and will be graduating in a two months. I should probably have my future planned out. Lots of seniors have their "future" planned out, and being futuristic isn't even one of their strengths.
Well, I don't. I have  ideas and dreams, but nothing is coming together quite yet. I have been reading books and talking with some great people about things, but here I stand; it's April 9th, and I'm uncertain.
Oddly enough, I am okay with that. I'm doing what I have to do, and letting God handle things in his timing. I have been disappointed and discouraged. Long story short, the 3 colleges that I wanted to attend, did not accept me. I was put on the wait list for 2 of them. However, I was accepted into 4 great colleges, but still, the college road has been tough me.
As things start coming together, I will share, but for now I just wanted to give you an idea about what is going on, because the question, "what are you doing next year" has been an inescapable one. :)
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