Aspirations {2014}

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

14 for 2014. 

I wasn't able to classify all of these as resolutions because I'm not promising myself that I will do them, and they aren't all worthy enough to be called dreams. So instead I'll call them aspirations (def: an aim or desire). If I do them this year, great! If I don't, well at least I tried. 
  1. Run a half marathon. 
  2. Learn more about coding. Building websites is fascinating.
  3. Tour the east coast! I have only seen New York so far. The states are so close, I should really be able to see more. 
  4. Help all my students pass the 6th grade. This would be amazing, yet the chances are low. 
  5. Visit 5 museums in New York. 
  6. Balance social media use. I probably use Facebook and Instagram too much, but I don't use Twitter and City really wants us to be Twitter users, I just don't have the time. I would like to balance the 3 out.
  7. ABP (Always be purging) I like having a clean and clutter-free apartment and I want to keep it that way in 2014. This requires throwing things out and donating things before they get too comfortable in our place.
  8. Write more letters and send more postcards. Mail is the best! 
  9. Read the bible every morning. I'm not consistent enough.
  10. Focus on photography. Maybe this will be the year that I purchase my own DSLR camera. Otherwise, I'll still work on photography with other cameras or my iPhone. 
  11. Travel abroad. London and India are on my mind. 
  12. Do something in the for-profit field. I have always done non-profit work and babysitting. I want to mix it up a little. Even if it's for a few months in the summer. 
  13. Shop local. I want to know where my money is going, and who it's supporting. 
  14. Eat at a restaurant in my neighborhood (in East Harlem).


  1. I absolutely love shopping locally! Especially after interning for the chamber of commerce, I learned the value of small businesses in a community.

    1. That's fascinating! I would love to know more of the benefits as well.

  2. Oh I love this!! And I'm so glad I found your blog :) I want to learn more about coding too! I hope you get the chances to travel and see where God takes you. Happy New Year!

    xo, gina

    1. Thanks Gina! I love your blog too! Blessings!

  3. Love this list! Especially with all of the things focused in New York!

  4. Love your list! Especially 5 and 14 – I'm going to add "be a tourist in my own city" to my list!

  5. This is a great list! Love all the traveling goals. The mail goal is great too- I love sending postcards and letters, it's so personal. :)

  6. So, do you need my address? :) Coding is such a great skill to have these days also. Have you been on

    1. I'm going to check out! I think I heard about it somewhere, but I haven't looked at it!


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