The City I Love

Friday, July 25, 2014

NYC, you're my fave. 
These are various pictures taken at different times and in different places. There is no theme between one picture to the next, only that they were taken in NYC. New York is really just a big jumble of craziness and beauty. It's so full and hectic. Pockets of stillness are rare, but usually lovely. 

1) Near Port Authority Bus Terminal
2) Times Square
3) Greenpoint, Brooklyn
4) Cafe Lalo
5) View from the Empire State Building
6) Greenpoint Apartments

Life through Instagram

Friday, July 11, 2014

I wanted to give you little snippets of my life lately. Instagram is a great tool to assist in this.

Fun selfies!
1) Jeff Koons at the Whitney Museum. 2) In the garden at my favorite Brooklyn Coffee Shop, Milk and Roses. 

4th of July Weekend!
1) Van Leewen Ice cream shop 2) KrispyKreme donut. Yum. 
My fourth was fun. I went to a couple fourth of July parties and saw half of the fireworks from a rooftop. By half of the fireworks, I mean the top half of the actual fireworks ;)

I started a full-time nanny job! I love it so much. 
1) skate park 2) juggling in Bryant Park

1) pick-up sticks 2) photography practice with Charlotte

1) tye-dye shirts 2) Japanese bento dish. I enjoy cooking meals with the two girls

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So I changed the name of this blog. Becoming was getting too vague for me. So I just changed it. Welcome to In the City.
The change will hopefully make it easier for me to write on this space and not feel a pressure to always write things deep or life-changing...although I wasn't doing much of that before. Anyways, the URL is still the same (Becoming95), we'll see if it stays that way.

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