Anything Else?

Friday, June 21, 2013

As I embark on a roommate and apartment hunt I have filled out many survey questions to find compatible roommates. I personally won't make "make-or-break" roommate decisions based on the volume of music they like to listen to, or whether they are omnivores or not (as some of the questions ask). I really don't have much criteria, I like the element of surprise in people. We'll see how that works out. My roommates will be other city year members, so I'll be fine with anyone. Obviously, I would be much more cautious and picky if I was searching for roommates on Craigslist or something.
The last question of the survey just said "anything else." Anything else? Mhm? What else would people want to know about me? This brings me to a list of my quirks. I didn't actually write this on the survey (I don't want to seem like a weirdo), instead I wrote out them my out for my own personal reflection (weird?).
Here's the list-
1. I whip my hair back and forth. I do this for drying purposes. This drives my family crazy because I smack my hair against the wall over and over until it is relatively dry. Ain't nobody got time for a blow dryer.
2. I'm OCD about my toothbrush. This is where my toothbrush lives. I need the control.
3. I don't lock my vehicle. Why? Several reasons. I drive a 1997 mini-van. I don't leave valuables in it. If someone were to break in, I would rather have them just open the door opposed to breaking a window, which has happened to previous Anfinson vehicles. I don't like spending an extra 5 seconds unlocking the door.
4. I secretly want to be called "Gail." To some this isn't a secret. It will one day happen. It might just happen in New York. 
5. I have an alarm clock that flashes the lamp on and off, it vibrates my pillow, and  sounds like a fire alarm. My cell phone alarm has failed me too many times. 6 am bible study? Check. 
6. I people watch and people listen. 
7. My neutral face or default facial expression tend to make me appear sad. I get asked, "are you okay," quite a bit, when I actually feel completely fine. It's hard to smile all the time....unless I'm in a
8. giggly mood. When you start to make me laugh (giggle), I don't stop. Pause, yes, but I love to laugh.


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  2. This is hilarious. "Ain't nobody got time for a blow dryer." I laughed out loud at that.

  3. I bet you would be the girl at college who doesn't wake up when the fire alarm goes off at 2 in the morning and gets escorted out by the fire department... You should tell your roommates to wake you up in such an event :)


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