Scenes from the Weekend.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Another great weekend! I enjoyed time with my roommates, a dinner with extended family, bird-sitting, Greenpoint, church, and other New York adventures. Enjoy the pictures!
I visited a chalk-paint shop in Greenpoint, Brooklyn called Suite Pieces. This shop was right across the street from a friend's apartment, and I would love to take a class here to learn about painting can even paint the fabric on furniture!

I'm bird-sitting for a couple in the Upper West side this week. Bob the bird loves to sing and sit on my shoulder :). And I love staying in the Upper West Side. I discovered a cat shelter on the streets of Greenpoint (it startled me for a second). I also discovered a tug boat (it's a tug boat, right?)

Angie took me to the coolest coffee shop I have been to in my WHOLE life. Milk and Roses. We spent hours there. The decor had a vintage-New York-farm-classy-elegant-rustic feel to it. It was so great, and if you are in New York you have to visit! Address: 1110 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222. I had a latte and a croissant with chestnut butter.

The Table (a church plant that I am helping to start in Greenpoint) is coming along! Angie moved here this month and landed an amazing apartment. Check out that view of the skyline on her rooftop! I can’t wait to hang out on the roof when it gets warmer! We will start meeting as a church community in February. The whole team isn't in New York yet, but we are off to a great start!

I love grapefruit and I needed a taste of Summer because it is cold here! I enjoyed some yummy Korean food too!

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  1. that coffee shop looks wonderful!!!

  2. it looks like you had a wonderful weekend! That coffee shop sounds too adorable, as does the paint shop.


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