Juice Cleanse: Preparation

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

It's time. I need a cleanse. I want to feel fresh (2014 word) and rejuvenated. My eating habits also need a little shake up. After talking with people I know who have done a juice cleanse, I 'm ready to tackle it myself. 

I have the dates set: February 15th through the 17th (3 days). I'm going back and forth about whether to do 5 days or not. I have heard that the first 3 days are the hardest, but once you get over the 3 days the extra 2 days feel amazing. Then again, it's another two days.... 

Next question: HOW?
I'm don't know whether to do the juice cleanse DIY style and as a result I would drink blended juices (yum) with a few booster shots, or if I should buy a cleansing package from a juicing co. 

  1. I googled DIY juice cleanse on the interweb and found some good stuff. There is lots of variety and recipes out there for me to experiment with. Here are some examples: Avocado Smoothie and Honey Dew-Kiwi Smoothie
  2. Blended is better. Liquids get so boring. Blended also equals fresher than bottled juices
  3. Cheaper. The DIY cleanse will cost me no more than $50. Read Clean Eating on a Budget
  4. Pride. I love making smoothies and there is some pride in the DIY aspect. 
+ Boosters I can buy affordable boosters for the "cleansing" effect and consume them with the smoothies.

  1. It's easier to cheat. If I'm throwing stuff into a blender it would be pretty tempting to slip in some yogurt...or ice cream. 
  2. Time. Making healthy smoothies will take a lot of time. It will also take time to pick recipes. 
  3. Not very portable. It will be difficult making these smoothies travel-friendly. There is nooo way I'm staying in my apartment all weekend. 


  1. Simple and Organized. The bottles are clearly labeled. They even tell me what time to drink the bottle. Who needs a brain?
  2. Real. I think I'll feel more legit if I do a cleanse that comes from a company opposed to my blender. 
  3. Reliable and liable. If I purchase a cleansing package I know that it will truly cleanse. If it doesn't they are somewhat liable and I can sue. :) Or at least write terrible reviews and maybe get my money back ???
  4. Super Cool. New York has some sweet juicing shops. Here are the ones I am considering: The SqueezeUrban Remedy, and Juice Press
  1. Expensive. I can't find a 3 day cleanse that costs less than $150 total. So yeah...
  2. Not completely fresh. The juices are bottled after all.
  3. What if they all taste disgusting? I'll be stuck with the bottles. I know some of them have cayenne pepper. eeww. 

Now that this is published, there's no turning back. 

What cleanse should I do?
What cleanse would you do?
Would it be possible to combine both methods? 


  1. Living on smoothies for three to five days? Hmmm, not so sure I could do it, but it sounds interesting...

  2. bottled...seriously simple and convenient=success! i have been drinking naked for breakfast for a few weeks now and it totally sustains me :)

  3. Hmm...I would probably go bottled. Just because it's so much more convenient. You can just grab and go. I think that wins any cost element.


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