A New Year

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

My list of 13-

1. Act in a play outside of school (Anna Carlson, you catching my vibe?)
2. Figure out the city bus system, so I'm not dependent on a car (actually, van).
3. Win a College scholarship, any college scholarship-- I need some scholarships.
4. Read a book each month (yeah, I don't have much time on my hands.)
5. Grow as writer, too bad I don't know what that will look like other than practice, practice, practice.
6. Become a softball star! SO EXCITED for softball to start again
7. Go somewhere scary with Auryanna via roadtrip.
8. Go sugar-free for 6 weeks (I'm on day 2)
9. Watch Alandra, Lindsay, Carissa, and Anna K become Basketball stars in college! (Especially Alandra)
10. Don't cut my hair. Trims are okay.
11. Graduate. Simple enough, then go to college.
12. Go to the Dominican Republic for a mission trip. Would you like to support this? Find out more information? Click here
13. I want to volunteer with this ministry more


  1. You're serious about this play thing? Eeek!

    I like number five. And six of course. And many more.

  2. We're gonna have to find a summer play.. I'm guessing.


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