A Day in the Life

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Let's go to School!
6:00 am -- Wake up and get ready for the day. 
6:40 am -- Leave for school and walk to the uptown 6 train.
7:30 am -- First Circle and Power Greet the students as they come into school. Check in with students on my attendance focus list. Make sure students grab breakfast! 
8:10 am -- Homeroom starts and students work on the quote of the day. Students shuffle into the classroom throughout the 20 minutes. 
8:30 am -- Math time! I love working on math with my 6th grade students. It's definitely my favorite subject to work on. We are currently working on fractions, percents, decimals, proportions, and a whole lot of converting. During the class period I check homework, write on the board, and tutor.

10:00 am -- Gym class for students / Prep for the teacher and  I
10:47 am -- Social Studies or Science Class (these classes alternate each day). Students only have 45 minutes of social studies or science each day. We are learning about matter and the World Wonders.
11:30 am -- Lunch Duty. I try to stay positive during this time, but it's definitely the hardest part of the day because we function as lunch room monitors and the students get really rowdy. 
12:17 pm -- ELA (English Language Arts) class. I pull students out to read or I help them write papers. 
1:47 pm  -- Music class for students / Lesson planning and prep for after school
***End of School Day***
2:30 pm -- Homework help begins. We help our after school students complete homework. Students are divided by grade. 
3:30 pm -- Students have snack and transition/free time. 
4:00 pm -- Club time begins! I run an art club. We have a fitness, health, dance, and acting club for our students to participate in. This is usually my favorite part of the day.

5:00 pm -- End of After School. Clean up and dismiss students for the day.
5:30ish pm -- Final Circle / Break for the day / Enter data and clean up. 
6:30 pm -- I usually make it home at this time. 

More about the City Year life:
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There you have it! Be sure to click on the City Year Square in my sidebar to read more about my City Year experience so far. Feel free to ask me questions too. I gave a good overview, but there is a lot more I could say about the day-to-day experiences.

Required fine-print: 
These views are my own and do not reflect City Year or Americorps.
Because of FERPA, I cannot disclose the identity of students at my school; so no close-up pictures or names. 

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