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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Day 27
If you can't tell, I like blogging, but I almost enjoy reading other blogs more than blogging for myself. In my opinion, blogs are the best thing on the web. As part of the Blog Every Day in February Challenge, I'm going to share five of my favorite big blogs.

What is a big blog? A big blog by my definition is pretty much a professional blog. The blogger takes blogging seriously, and as a result she receives a income* and has plethora of followers. Posts are consistent and high-quality, and the blog has a "brand" that is appealing and engaging. 

She travels the world. She has been to a gazillion places and she shares tips and ideas that make travelling a reality for anyone. Her pictures are great too.

Joanna was a magazine writer and it shows. She has mastered the art of collaborating with other artists, writers, creatives, business owners, travelers, moms, and the list goes on when it comes to blog posts. She shares great advice and I love everything she has to say about New York City. Her blog has a unique simplicity and her posts never fail to be intriguing.

Melyssa was an expat in Japan and now works as a graphic designer and blogger. Her blog's branding is stellar and tastefully simple. Her posts are motivating and practical. She has done an amazing job building community in the blog world and promoting creativity! Plus, everything is positive.

Elise has a beautiful life. She shares projects that inspire me all the time. Her "Dear Ellerie" letters to her baby make me tear up. Her creativity and consistency is wonderful. She has her own business too.

And Kathleen.  Kathleen is creative coach. Her branding and blog style is one of my favorites. Her writing moves me. Her wit is genius. And she's a white girl with amazing blonde dreadlocks. win.

I have a few other categories for blogs I follow, including young blogs, medium blogs, and friend blogs. I'll make sure to share some of my favorites from those categories as the year goes on. 

*Income is a relative term. Some of theses bloggers blog as their career and others use blogging as a means to support their small business / endeavors. 

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  1. i absolutely adore these blogs as well! i just found enjoy it but it's a new favorite of mine!


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