5 Things

Monday, February 17, 2014

....That make me smile!
New York has lots of book stores to discover.  Strand Books is pictured above. 
Simplicity and organization are so refreshing. Picture taken at the Container Store...earlier today :) 

The taste of summer!

Vintage clothes are the best! Vintage shopping in Brooklyn is also super great. I'll write more on thrifting/vintage finds sometime. 
I miss that face a lot. The best 4 year old right there. More on Shelby
This concludes Day 17.


  1. great photos! they closed down the bookstore closest to me, which makes me sad. :(

    Rhea, Et Cetera - ProFlowers collab: floral-inspired outfit

  2. i love the bookstore photo! there is nothing like a unqiue bookstore that clears your head and makes you feel at home!

  3. I love that picture of local bookstore. That is awesome! We don't have any local bookstores here -- only Barnes and Noble. Go there often in case it ends up closing! I do love a good thrift shop too. Gotta love those!

  4. A big 'yes' for cute book stores and thrift shops! I spend most of my shopping time in stores like those. :)


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