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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Day 13
photo taken at Socrates Sculpture Park in Queens
When thinking about quotes today it's hard to pinpoint a "favorite" quote. There are so many out there. In order to narrow my focus, I'll think about themes that are current in my life right now. And by right now, I mean right this second. Well, there's blizzard taking over New York City as I type this, so I can probably get some inspiration from that.

Blizzard. Chaos. Struggles. Storms. 

Time to google! 

I found a quote by Vivian Greene that captured my literal and internal feelings. Stop WAITING for storms to pass. Storms come all the time. Only hoping for them to just go away doesn't help. It's best to take advantage of those stormy moments and grow from them. Now, I'm not going through a violent storm in my life, but I have a lot of stormy moments at my job that I don't know how to deal with!!! If I can figure out how to take advantage of those times, instead of waiting for the bell to ring, I will get more out of them and become a better person. I know it. 

What about you? Are you going through a storm? How can you learn to dance in the storm?

I wanted to share these stormy pics from my day...just because:
1) the snow in action. 2) lighten the mood with a sidewalk snowman 3) my roommate likes to taunt me. she's in college, so she had a snow day. 

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  1. I love that quote. So perfect for this weather, and so true for life.

    Gorgeous post!


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