Spring and other things

Thursday, March 20, 2014

To celebrate the first day of spring I had students in my art club make tissue paper flowers! and then hold them up for a picture :) Today was beautiful, and I can't wait to experience Spring in the city.

Here are those other "things":
I filed taxes for the first time this year. I got a couple hundred dollars refunded from Minnesota and the Federal gov't, but unfortunately I have to give all that refund-money to New York City. Just when you think NYC can't get any more expensive, taxes come along.

Last night I had an open house in midtown right after work, then I had a City Year meeting in Flatiron, then I had to shop for groceries. I had a little dinner on the subway (gross, I know) and finally made it home at 10 pm. When I got home, I put my groceries away, and then somehow wound up on my bed. BIG mistake.  I woke up in a haze the next morning (today) still wearing my City Year uniform....and very ashamed of myself.  I didn't even for shower! sheesh. Somehow I still made it to work (barely) on time. 

I paid $2.50 +tax for two hard-boiled eggs at the airport. Also, while at the said airport, a man started talking about his life to me and a couple other Canadians sitting in the waiting area. He was obviously feeling lonely and saddened from a divorce 8 months ago. I started to feel a little heartbroken for this man. He seemed so sweet and friendly. I can't imagine going through a divorce after a 14 year marriage. BUT then he went on to say that he went on 22 dates in 16 days to bounce back. 
Then he said that he made out with all of those girls. Sometimes two at once. 
Then he said he liked kissing and that kissing was great. 
Then this conversation became super awkward. And I politely withdrew myself from the conversation. 
What are you supposed to do when a stranger starts saying this stuff??

I met another "stranger" today. Thankfully this girl seemed interesting....and normal. She works at a start-up in the city and studied art in college. 

Today I found out that a teacher I see AND talk to every day at school is pregnant. She's been pregnant since October. Due this June. How do I miss these things?! I noticed she had a little pouch today, so I just asked a student if his teacher was having a baby. He said "yeah, we've been knowing she was having a baby." Then I went up to her and we both laughed because somehow that important life detail was never exchanged over the last 6 months. Before I left, I called her huge and she appreciated that. I guess that was the one thing I did right?? 

Well, here's to an exciting Friday and end of the week!

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