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Monday, March 31, 2014

March gets me thinking about seasons. We all have this idea in our heads that March is the beginning of Spring, but in reality it's just a balmy continuation of winter. I know that Spring is a favorite season to most, but Fall is my favorite. I'll explain why. Good news for those who love Spring, a blogging friend of mine is here to share a little bit about it. 

Meet Jessinia! 
(I know if we knew each other in person, we would be friends.) She's a Minnesota girl taking a gap year in the Dominican Republic. (I LOVE the DR, and that's only place I've been to for an overseas mission trip!) She studied art at Bethel University for a year. Yes! yes! And she loves the Lord. She also blogs (obviously): "My blog reflects on my time in the Dominican Republic. I would love if you visited and read along on my journey." She will attend Seattle Pacific University next year.
Jessinia Images
Here's what she has to say about spring: My favorite season is spring. I grew up in Minnesota so in  the spring the snow starts to melt, the flowers start to bloom. It's a beautiful picture of new beginnings, anticipation and of promises. We are promised that after winter comes spring. The earth gets a new beginning, an uncovering. This year, I've been living in the Dominican Republic. I haven't seen this drastic change of the melting snow, but I am experiencing anticipation of a new beginning. I have learned so much over this past fall and winter and anticipate my coming home to start anew.
Jessinia Images
Check out Jessinia's Blog: A River of Joy / twitter

My turn!
I love fall. Spring is a season that I want to like, but I just don't. I don't like all the rain. I hate longing for warmer weather, and not having it come 'til at least half way through April. Growing up in Minnesota, spring usually doesn't start til May anyways. Aside from the weather, my mental state is much better in the fall than the Spring. The Fall has always felt like a fresh start in my life. This seems counter-intuitive to the season's patterns, but new things are always happening in the Fall for me. Plus, I always go into fall with great energy after having a "break" in the summer. I start a new year of school and sometimes a new job. Church usually ramps up in the fall. Everything just feels fresh. I'm definitely a better starter than finisher. 

Central Park in the Fall
Once fall comes, I don't mind the cold at all. I actually kind of like it. I get to bundle up in cute sweaters and wear earthy colors. I know that the holidays are approaching and everything just feels right. Fall just fits my personality. 
Central Park in the Fall

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Are you a fall or spring person? If you took a gap year, would you go to New York or the Dominican Republic? :) 

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