Meet my sister

Sunday, March 16, 2014

She flies through the air in the name of gymnastics, and she does it beautifully. Her legs are killer and everything else about her body is perfect. I haven’t seen Miss Isabel for a while, but since I have lived in New York, her gymnastic abilities have gone through the roof.  Take a look for yourself at her amazing moves and form.

For those who don’t know me well, you might be curious why I am a white girl and my sister isn’t. Is this girl really my sister? yes. Isabel was adopted as a babe from Haiti and she fits into our family perfectly. She is currently a freshman in high school. This is her first year competing in gymnastics. 


  1. I think gymnastics require so much grace and strength. She seems to really enjoy it, at least through these pictures. Also, she looks really flexible and strong in these pictures! So awesome!

  2. I use to do gymnastics in my late pre-teen/early teen years and **loved** it. I have so many great memories from doing the sport! These photos are great, they really show off both her power and grace :D.


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