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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Olivia Bee. 

She's too cool for school. literally.
Bee is a 19 year old, Brooklyn-based photographer who creates the dreamiest images I've ever seen. I'm crushing over all of them.  I discovered her in Emerging Photographer magazine and absolutely loved what I saw. She started photography at age 11 and gained attention by posting pictures onto her flickr page. Now,  she's already done work for Adias, New York Times, and Converse. Photography has become her full-time gig, and she easily puts in 80 hour work weeks. She says, "I forget about showing the product because I want to shoot a beautiful photo." 

I'm certain Bee will continue to make stellar images, and I look forward to seeing her go far in her career. 
Check out her site for more. 
Her instagram is also worth checking out. 

Do you have a favorite photographer? Let me know! I want to see her/his work. 

*All photos in this post belong to Olivia Bee, and are not my own*
*Facts are from Emerging Magazine, Spring 2014*

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  1. I love her angel picture. You are right she is extremely talented.


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