East Harlem

Friday, March 21, 2014

I have the privilege of living in a colorful area in New York City. East Harlem is also known as Spanish Harlem and it's full of culture and vibrance. I love it for the cheap food, cheap(er) apartments, and close proximity to my school in the Bronx and all the fun stuff in Manhattan. I'm pretty much right between downtown and the Bronx, which is great. There's always loud music blasting and plenty of chatter. It's the perfect place for me!

Want more East Harlem? Check out this post from the archives: Signs and wonders of East Harlem.

Sunshine to the Square Inch


  1. I love all the different personalities of the different neighborhoods that all share one fairly small island. There is a little bit for everyone in Manhattan.

  2. beautiful photos! you live in the best city for a blogger, very jealous!

  3. I had no idea they had East Harlem and I had no idea it had Spanish influence. I grew up in Brazil and always loved the bright colors. Your pictures are really pretty and I'm glad you love where you live. Thanks for linking up.


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