Urban Apartment Divider

Sunday, December 8, 2013

I made a DIY furniture piece, read about it:

I call this an urban divider for two reasons:
1) The fabric on the panels is from Urban Outfitters.
2) The divider itself is from the streets of New York City, which in my book, is pretty urban. 
Here's the story: I came across the divider during a cold day in October. I was walking with a friend visiting me from MN and we saw it laying behind a fence. I really wanted a divider because my living room is huge and I wanted to make it into two rooms so my guests can have privacy and so the room has two defined sections. So I stood there pondering for a second. The fence was at least 6 feet high. My friend wanted to keep moving, but I couldn't give up without trying. A lady came and I asked her if she had a key to open the gate. She didn't, but now she was equally determined to get over the gate and rescue the divider and the table from being thrown out. I tried climbing the fence without support, but was unable to. However, we noticed a mattress a few feet away resting on the fence. I climbed onto the mattress and  was able to jump the fence to get to the other side. I slipped the divider through and handed the table over. Then I climbed back over the fence and jumped onto the mattress for a safe landing.
Were you able to picture that? If not, just imagine me jumping and climbing. I guess I was desperate.

From there I stripped the white fabric from the divider and on black friday I picked up fabric from Urban Outfitters that was 40% off ($23 total). To attach the fabric I cut it the size of the panels and then used my hot glue gun. Simple as that!

Love it!

Hot glue the fabric on and fold over the fabric.
The naked divider


I'm particularly proud of this DIY because:
1. It's practical and useful. 
2. It makes my apartment more "guest-friendly" because it gives them privacy. It also gives my roommates and I privacy. 
3. It was a good value. This divider costs $113 from the store. Mine only cost $23 plus a little time...and climbing. 
4. It's pretty!

My mom would be proud. She is the queen of restorations and DIY in the Anfinson family.


  1. Wow- I was laughing at the site of you jumping the fence. Do bad Izzy was not with you. I am Very, very proud of you. that is I piece of furniture that we will have to bring home from New York city. I wonder how many times I have done crazy things to bring something home- like the church pew- I think Matthew and Benji have had to endure the muscle for my trash pics and craiglist finds.

  2. Your mom would be proud - that is absolutely beautiful. You could sell it for $200!


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