Taking stock

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Making : time to blog
Cooking : sweet potato french fries
Drinking : grape fruit juice
ReadingTuck Everlasting
Wanting: a massage
Looking: through glasses.
Laughing: because a teacher I work with bought me a lottery ticket today.
Wasting: lettuce.
Wishing: all my family and friends lived close by.
Enjoying: sweater weather!
Waiting: for December 21st
Helping: students work with their new laptops.
Wondering: when the hot water will be on. 

Listening: the Civil Wars. Not sure why it took me so long....
Hoping: that it stays warm this winter
Needing: to sleep
Smelling: Anthro Avocado + mint candle
Wearing: White tee. Black pants.
Noticing: that I'm a little warm and my elbow itches. 

Thinking: about having 3 roommates instead of 2.
Feeling: fine
Liking: the picture below:
Image from: http://www.brachelboulevard.com/

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