Lots of People

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

There are approximately 8.5 million people living in New York City. On the weekends there's probably another million people who flood the city to see all the sights. Maybe this is an exaggeration, but maybe not. In my neighborhood alone I saw 3 tour busses (you know, a two decker bus where everyone sits on the top) of people come by within a 5 minute time span. And I live in east Harlem!
Living in a land of lots of people means that lines are inevitable and invading other people's bubbles is a way of life.

The subway. Please note this is not nearly as bad as it can get. ;) 

And space. Physical space is a hard commodity to come by. The other night I went to a fast food restaurant with friends and we had to stake our spot by a table until the people left because all the tables were full. There's always a line for everything. Bathroom included.  Tip: never set your expectations high when using a public restroom. 
There isn't even space for people at church. Everyone needs to squeeze in, and if you come late you'll probably be told, "Standing room only." I've seen it happen at every service I've been to. 

One reason I like coming home to my apartment is that there is a lot of space. Yes, "a lot of space" is a relative term, and yes, I share a 1-bedroom apartment with 2 other girls, but when I come home I can breathe. I have room to move and relax. 

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