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Monday, August 5, 2013

I'm on a plane in Washington DC about to take off for NYC. An array of emotions have gone through my head the past few days. Joy, sadness, eagerness, and content are at the top of the list. sadness was at a minimal. I felt so much love and kindness by those in my life this past week. I had a wonderful week, actually i should say i had wonderful life in Minneapolis, but now I am ready to be a New Yorker for a season!

I'm back. It's the middle of the night, meaning its 4:30 here and 3:30 my time and I can't sleep. I fell asleep for an hour but then was woken up by the noise outside. My first few hours here have been so fun. I was picked up at the airport by roommates and another friend. we went back to the apartment via bus (sorry to disappoint you Aunt Brenda, but we were completely safe). We also played UNO for a good hour or so. I havent played that game in a while. 

Hopefully I'll get my sleep schedule together! My apartment is lovely. My mattress is not, but I will get use to it. I'll probably say that about a lot of things here. 
Outside my bedroom window. 

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