My Budget // September Edition

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Maybe you think I'm CRAZY for putting my life finances out on the internet for anyone to see. Nobody really shares their financial situation, let alone publish it on the internet. So why am I doing it? 
  1. You could google my income. It's no secret how much the City Year living stipend is.
  2. My dad wants to see my budget. Here you go Dad....
  3. This holds me accountable
  4. It proves that you can live BELOW the poverty line in NEW YORK CITY, the most expensive city in the U.S.
  5. A lot of CY corps. members are curious about budgeting and living on the stipend. We went to a session on it, but my only take-aways were taking quick showers and joining Groupon. Most of us really wanted to know what our budget should look like. By laying out my budget here, other corps members will see that surviving on the stipend is definitely manageable!

  • Total: $953
  • My Income: $476 Biweekly, after taxes (phew). 
  • What do I mean by "Paid for:" City Year covers my Metro card, and the government pays for my food (EBT).
  • Wait a second, aren't you missing some thing important? Yes, I am forgetting health insurance. Health insurance is paid for by City Year and I have no idea how much it costs. I am also still on my parent's health insurance.
  • Your rent looks low for NY, explain: Rent for my 1-bedroom apartment in East Harlem is $1750. I have two other roommates, so the rent is divided by 3. Same with utilities. 

So this is my projected budget. If I keep this budget, I will be in great shape. We'll see how I do come the end of September!

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