NYC- A whole new world

Friday, August 9, 2013

Life here is good. My days are full and I'm meeting new people left and right. I have had a fun time getting to hang out with my roommates. I've been here for a few days and I am definitely getting well acquainted with this crazy, big city. I'm also getting used to apartment life. My first night here I slept for 2ish hours and each night after has been progressively more. I blame all the outside noise, the new bed, and the excitement I feel for my lack of sleep.
The subway is becoming my friend. Well, the 6 is. And get this, a lady asked me for directions, and I knew what to say! I think I'm going to enjoy the Subway.
Our apartment is almost fully furnished. Thank you, ikea. I think it looks pretty swell. 
Here are some pictures:

Washington square park 

The metropolitan museum of art

Fingerprints at the DOE with my roommate Alexis

My backyard.

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  1. The metropolitan museum of art = The mets in Gossip girl! Oh my gosh!!!!!!!!! I always wanna go there!


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