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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Isn't the city BEAUTIFUL? I took this picture from the Queensborough bridge tram.
This is my Idealist Journey Team. As an Idealist Journey team, we will take time to reflect on our "City Year Journey" and we will push each other to grow. We were team 5, and we had to make a poster and chant to represent ourselves. "Fly Five."
This is where I do my laundry. Doesn't it look like a wonderful place? Speaking of restrooms, using a public restroom is terrible in New York. Today I used a bathroom at the Manhattan Center and when I flushed the toilet it overflowed! ahh! All the water came out and went into the next stalls. Pretty soon the girls where squealing and I was laughing. Awkward! Earlier, I went to Starbucks and waited 20 minutes in line to find that there was no toilet paper in the stall. urk.

I went to Hillsong Church today. I also went to Redeemer today and Tim Keller spoke. :) I went to Redeemer with a wonderful couple who do ministry with Here's Life Inner City. They treated me to lunch, and it was a sweet time. The churches here are so great and so different than what I am used to. It's fun to just check them out. Added bonus- my favorite worship leader Brooke Fraser was there. Her voice is my favorite!

On Wednesday we explored New York with City Year. I went on a Film tour team and we went to spots where famous movies were filmed. We had an instagram challenge and my group won! I got some City Year swag as a prize. Who knows what this film is??

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