Wednesday, April 30, 2014

I enjoyed a 3 day trip to Boston over Easter weekend. The East Coast is a great place for taking trips to other cities. Everything is so close! I stayed with my good friend from high school, Leah. She was a great hostess, and she took me everywhere!

The Democratic Donkey at Boston's Old City Hall along the Freedom Trail. I felt like Jesus on a cheesy kind of way.

Wellesley College has a lot of spirit when it comes to Marathon Monday! Pretty much every girl comes out to cheer on the runners for hours and hours. Their motive? kisses. hundreds of kisses. This is an All Girls School after all. Notice the signs? There were all sorts of clever signs along what's known as the Wellesley Scream Tunnel. 

Ducks and bunnies. Both have marathon spirit. I thought Quack was quite charming.

Yes, that is a man hanging upside down by a rope. Rest assured, it was just a show. It wasn't a historical show either. Just a show.
Isn't that sunset beautiful? 

The good 'ole Freedom Trail. Red bricks or streaks of red paint run for 2.5 miles throughout Boston, representing the Freedom Trail. This city is a living American history book!

Together! That's us on a swan boat and that's us cheering at the marathon.

A camouflage tree at the Arnold Arboretum and the best ice cream I have ever had. I ate some on Saturday night and loved it so much we came back on Sunday night. worth it. 

Because this post isn't complete without pictures of us with a man in his underwear. a fake man. 

Well, that was fun! I got to Boston via a Greyhound bus. The ride was 4 hours and it cost about $25 each way. I stayed Saturday afternoon to Monday Evening. 

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