Monday & I'm Not White

Monday, April 7, 2014

Happy Monday. I started the day off right with a diet coke pepsi in hand (Ashamed, but I needed that caffeine). It was an interesting day at good ol' Hunts Point Middle School. We kicked off math class with introducing algebraic functions. Do you know what functions are? If so, good-- you were awake during Algebra II class. If you don't, that's unfortunate, but maybe normal??? I mean I remember learning about functions when I was in 10th grade, not 6th grade. Sometimes I think the curriculum we use is too ambitious for 6th graders. 

During lunch one of the students complained, 
"Miss- I want real food. I want Burger King or McDonalds or something."
I guess yellow sticks, shiny buns, and mystery meat is real food?? Maybe she just wasn't feeling the turkey sandwich.

During 8th period a dancer from the Bronx came and taught my class hip-hop. I learned some crazy moves. Some of the students loved it. Most of them found it too challenging. He was trying to get us to dance at like 100 steps per second. Ya'll should have seen me-- dance is not one of my strong suits.

During After School Art club we were playing Lady Antebellum in the background. One of the students complained and said she doesn't like "white people music." Then she went on to say she doesn't like white people. I talk with this girl a lot so I looked at her and asked, 
What about me? ...You like me.
"Yeah, but you're not white."
Yes I am, what do you mean?
"I thought you were Japanese or something."

I'm clearly white. 

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