Tuesday, July 9, 2013

I began reading a book called 7 by Jen Hatmaker. I really wanted to read this book because it is all about simplifying your life. It's called 7 because each month the author zones in on an area of excess, and then limits her usage in that area down to 7 things/activities etc.  I am reading the chapter on clothes right now. She only wears 7 articles of clothing for a whole month (excluding undergarments). I don't event think I could do that for a week: a month seems unbearable.
I especially wanted to read this book as a prepare for my move. I want to have a fresh start, in terms of possessions, and moving is a great way to do that. I won't have a lot of money in New York, and I won't bring a lot of things with me. I won't have parents to help me out and buy groceries. It's all on me. I want to make sure I have what I need, but I don't want possessions to be a distraction or a burden. I want to focus my time on the work I am doing, and on the new people I am meeting. I'm going to want a clean and clutter-free place to live at.
Speaking of groceries, this lady only eats 7 foods for a whole month. I almost find that appealing to only have 7 food items in my kitchen because then it would be super easy to figure out what I will eat. 
What will I eat when I'm on my own? I'm so spoiled here. I have my parent's house, and then I have lots of babysitting houses to eat dinner, lunch, or even breakfast at. Anyways, life is good right now. God has blessed me so much. 

Props to Auryanna for giving me the book.

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