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Sunday, July 28, 2013

This coming week marks the end of Art in the Park for the Summer. Technically I wasn't supposed to end so soon, but then New York came along and here I am. The term "that went fast" is said quite often, but this instance is no exception. The classes just flew by. Every class was a new adventure. Some were in stuffy, hot art rooms, some were in the recreation center, some were outside, some were on picnic tables, some were in pre-school class rooms. Pretty much every park was something different, and we didn't know what to really expect until we got there. Once we arrived, we had 30 minutes of prep time to get situated (this looked different at every park as well) and prepare the art lesson. When I say we I am referring to myself and the lead teacher. The teacher I worked with was great- I have learned a handful of teaching methods from her. The classes were each 1.5 hours long, and we typically had 1 or 2 classes per day at parks all over Minneapolis.
I was really blessed to teach so many kids fun art projects this summer. I am going to miss it. However, I know that city year will provide such a diverse and dynamic experience of working with students. This makes saying "goodbye" not as hard.

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