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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I'm super excited for my New York adventure and all the changes and adjustments that will come with it in a couple weeks. Another big part of the NYC experience is finding an apartment, which is pretty tricky to do living in Minnesota. It's also pretty tricky to do when you are 18 and your income will be right around the poverty line. 
This week I have been calling and emailing and even texting brokers about apartments I am interested in. I explain my situation and they ask again, "you're income is only that much?!" Or "you want a 1 bedroom for 3 people?!"
Yes. Yes. 
Side note: isn't it crazy that you need to use a broker to rent an apartment?!? NYC, I tell ya. 
I will be rooming with 2 other girls, whom I am very excited about. One is from Michigan, the other is from California. They are both 18 and 19 and they are both doing City Year. 
Tomorrow is the day one of my roommates heads out to look at apartments. I'm anxious to know how it goes. Stay tuned, we'll see what she finds. Maybe I'll have a place to live by tomorrow! 

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