A taste of American Idol

Sunday, July 15, 2012

While I was in Chicago I auditioned for American idol. It was fun to be apart of. I will just explain what it was like chronologically. On Tuesday morning I woke up at 5:30 am and headed to the United Center to register. I waited in line for an hour, then I got my wristband and seating ticket and was on my way. During the waiting process, people sang and yelled a lot. Auditions were not until Thursday, but it was a good idea to register early on Tuesday morning because come Thursday, those who registered early get to audition earlier. Auditioning early made a big difference, because no one wants to sit shaking in their seat for hours and hours on Thursday. We also got really great seats to wait in. They were right in front of three auditions stations, so I was able to see a bunch of people audition up-close before I went.  If I was up much higher or at a different angle, I would not have nearly as much fun watching and HEARING the singers.  One thing I should clarify is that thousands of people audition, thus the first rounds of auditions are in front of Idol producers, not the celebrity judges.

Thursday-Audition Day: On Thursday, people had to arrive at 5 am.  I didn’t come right at 5, but that wasn’t a big deal because I already registered. However, I had to wake up at 4:40 in the morning, and I wasn’t too excited to do that. When I got there, lots of people were gathered outside. I was still tired, so I just sat and people-watched. Ryan Seacrest came and we did crowd filming outside. Then at 8 o’clock, the doors opened and people were able to get in their seats. In our seats, we watched an “Inspiring” video, then we did more group-filming. Haley Reinhardt was there and she said a few words.

Finally, at 10, the audition process began. There were 11 audition stations in the middle of the stadium with 2 judges at each. A group of 4 people at a time would try out at each station. They could sing any song of their choice for 30 seconds. After they were done, he/she would step back, and the next person would go. Then the judges would give a few words of feedback and then let the group know which contestants made it, and which ones didn’t make it. Those who made it would stay back and talk with the judges for a little bit longer, and those whose didn’t make it left, had their wristbands caught off, and then went on their way. They were the "non-winners."

Now that you know that information, I will explain how it went down for me. I stood in line with my group of 4 people. The first guy was a rocker who came from Kansas City. He was in a band and was extremely confident that he would make it through. His voice was decent and he had a loud sound. The second girl was like a country version of Colbie Calliat. The third girl was like a ghetto Beyonce, if that makes sense. Then there was me. We were all under 21. The other 3 had pretty good voices. When I went up, I sang “Feel it all over” by Stevie Wonder. It was a good song choice. It fit well with my voice, and one of the judges was bobbing his head while I sang, which made me happy. Unfortunately,  no one in my group made it through. The judge told me, “I was not what they were looking for this season.” So I walked off, had my wristband cut, met my dad in the guardian pen, and left. It was fun while it lasted.

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