McDonald Madness

Friday, July 13, 2012

Go to Chicago, and you will find McDonalds every where. Illinois is the McDonald's birthplace, so I guess it makes sense that there are a lot of them. I felt like I saw one every time I looked out the car window. There was at LEAST one per mile. I will briefly explain.

One of the McDonalds was on a bridge over the freeway. 
One of the McDonalds had a separate dessert bar.
One of the McDonalds had a ton of Wrigley Field paraphernalia. 

One of the McDonalds had a Nebula Plasma Ball-

One of the McDonalds is giving 2.6 ounces of free fries to the first 100 customers in line tomorrow! And yes, they said 2.6 oz. on their flyer. 
One of the McDonalds has two floors WITH escalators!
One of the McDonalds had floor-to-ceiling windows as walls. 
One of the McDonalds was just a few hundred feet from our hotel.
One of the McDonalds had some snazzy green stools and fat tables.
Don't get me started on the quantity of McDonald billboards through out the city. 

No, I did not eat at all these McDonalds. After being exposed to all the Invasive yellow M's, the only thing I consumed over the 4 days was a sugar-free iced coffee (Kuddos to me).

So to those McD's fans, take a trip to Chicago!

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