Water works wonders

Monday, June 11, 2012

This is an equation of events for 90+ degree weather-
Heat = go outside = become hot = thirsty = dehydration, discomfort, fatigue, pain, hate, cruelty, anger....(okay, maybe I am being a bit dramatic, but thirst brings out the worst in people).
The solution (no equation needed)-
Give out free water bottles at Lake Calhoun for MTTC!
        Let me tell you, people were HAPPY when they saw that sign and an ice-cold cooler filled with water. In fact, most people didn't believe we were giving water away for free. They started to take out their wallets and ask how much it was, others asked what they had to do for the water, or they wondered if this was a joke (now that's cruelty right there).  I'm sure you can figure out our responses to these questions. People walked away hydrated and grateful. Actually, several people ran away- I personally cannot comprehend why someone would want to go running right when the heat was at its prime. Yet, it was such a joy to make people happy with something so simple like water.

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