The end, or should I say the beginning?

Sunday, June 3, 2012

It's the end of the 2011-2012 school year. The Summer is the start of a new chapter. My Summer plans are still not finalized yet (well some of them). I will be sharing what those plans are as the days and weeks go on, but for now they don't matter. However, I do want to talk about graduating.
Watching the seniors graduate from Hope Academy was A. different, B. exciting, C. eye-opening. It was different because it has never happened before. ever. It was exciting because it really was an exciting graduation ceremony. It wasn't a long presentation of names; it was meaningful, entertaining, and promising. It was eye-opening because adulthood is so much more real to me. I have friends who are stepping into it. I will be a grown-up in a year. That's hard to grasp.
It wasn't sad for me, because I will see them again, but I will miss them. Instead, I just feel happy for them! They are doing exciting things, and I am proud of them all.
Well, I am thankful for another year of high school. I will treasure my senior year. I will treasure this summer. Life is short. Be thankful.

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