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Thursday, June 7, 2012

This last week I have been nannying a high-enery 10 year-old boy every day from 6:45 to 3:30.  Thankfully the weather has been superb, so we have been outside constantly. Outdoor things are fun, but today was Day 4 of jumping on the trampoline, gardening, and walking to local parks, so we needed to do something new, but still active. I was reminded of the museum passes at the library. Our family has taken advantage of them maybe once, mainly because there are six of us, and the pass only gives 2 tickets. But today 2 was the magic number.
So where did we go? The Foshay Tower. I had never been there before, and I assumed the kid hadn't been there either, considering he only lives in Mpls for the summer and school breaks. Ironically, I was wrong, but that didn't stop his excitement. He was more than happy to go again.
The next question you may ask: How did we get there? Biked, of course! No way was I driving on this beautiful day, and we needed an enery-burning outlet, so biking was the way to go. Yes, the Foshay tower is in downtown Minneapolis, and it may seem crazy to take a 10 year old biking in downtown, but I did bring Ben along so Ty was sandwiched in between the two of us the whole time.
The tower was beautiful, and the ride up the elevator was very fast. The reason people come to the tower is to see out 32 stories high from the looking deck, and that is what we did.
We could see Richfield, St. Paul, the Twin's stadium, hawks, window washers on other skyscrapers, and people driving from below. I was glad we went, plus the outing was completely free. I didn't have to pay for admission tickets, gas money, or parking-perfect.
Here are some picture from the Foshay-

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