A New Opportunity!

Friday, June 22, 2012

I am happy about my new job at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. It's my first "real" job, or maybe I should say the first job that requires a massive folder of paperwork that needed to be signed (they are very high on security and privacy). I love art, I love families, and I like working. Put them all together and "Voila!"- the perfect job for me!
I also like the location of the MIA (about 2 miles away). Some of the other employees (I feel so old using that word) live in Eden Prairie and St. Paul, so it is a blessing that I live close. It is also like 5 1/2 blocks away from my school, so I can just walk there from school.
Secondly, I like the people. I just met them today at orientation, but we should get along just fine. The team is ethnically diverse. There is a Russian girl, an African-American boy, a boy from South America (I'm pretty sure...), a boy from Germany (well, maybe he is not from Germany, but he looks like it, and his name is Gustaf. I will ask him), and then there are two other girls I still have to meet. So I am excited to have new friends! :)
Lastly, I get little perks at the MIA. They are not that important, but they are still fun to have. I get 20% off at the gift shop, and I get free admission to the ticketed exhibitions. So I will be checking out Rembrandt when I get a chance! I also get a cool security badge with my picture on it that lets me into doors and hallways at the MIA- now that's exciting! :)
So families, I hope to see you at one of the free family days. I will give you more details and such later on. You'll like it!


  1. So if I ever became a professional art thief, I already have what I need to do an inside job.

  2. oooo, i don't know about that. :)


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