Taking a look at my goals {2014}

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The year is well over a half over and I wanted to evaluate how I was doing on the goals, or should I say... aspirations I set for myself.

Let's see what we have:

Run a half marathon. 
This one just doesn't look like it will happen. Now, I could sign up for a half-marathon and just hope that I train and prepare for it, but that would be futile. Over the summer I ran a bit with a friend who was training for a real marathon. I ran six miles with her and that's it. I could technically say I met this goal by 45%.
Learn more about coding. Building websites is fascinating.
I'm starting a class with Thinkful very soon, so I'll be able to check this one off if everything goes as planned.
Tour the east coast! I have only seen New York so far. The states are so close, I should really be able to see more. 
I went to Connecticut and Boston. I wouldn't say that's a "tour," but it was something. I also went on an East Coast roadtrip to Florida.
Help all my students pass the 6th grade. This would be amazing, yet the chances are low. 
Guys, this happened! With the exception of one student, this happened!
Visit 5 museums in New York. 
Balance social media use. I probably use Facebook and Instagram too much, but I don't use Twitter and City really wants us to be Twitter users, I just don't have the time. I would like to balance the 3 out.
This was a dumb goal.
It was too vague and I'm not sure what I was going for. Yes, I now sometimes use Twitter. Bravo. I love Instagram, and that probably won't change.
ABP (Always be purging) I like having a clean and clutter-free apartment and I want to keep it that way in 2014. This requires throwing things out and donating things before they get too comfortable in our place.
yep. Moving three times in a year makes this easy.
Write more letters and send more postcards. Mail is the best! 
I've done okay at this. I haven't done amazing, but definitely okay.
Read the bible every morning. I'm not consistent enough.
I wish I could say yes.
Focus on photography. Maybe this will be the year that I purchase my own DSLR camera. Otherwise, I'll still work on photography with other cameras or my iPhone. 
The iPhone is just soo easy.
Travel abroad. London and India are on my mind. 
Now is not the time for this. The future. Another dumb  unrealistic goal.
Do something in the for-profit field. I have always done non-profit work and babysitting. I want to mix it up a little. Even if it's for a few months in the summer. 
I can't escape babysitting and nannying for the life of me.
Shop local. I want to know where my money is going, and who it's supporting. 
Yes, yes! I've also become good at shopping online from sellers I like and trust. I'm not a big shopper, but I buy with purpose as much as possible.
Eat at a restaurant in my neighborhood (in East Harlem).
Yes, Camaradas El Barrio on 1st Ave between 116th and 117th (those numbers mean nothing to you).

Keep in mind this was just a "check in." I'll do a better and more comprehensive evaluation at the end of the year. I'm glad I looked at this list now though. I kind of wish I set better goals. Some of these are interesting, but some of them are just silly... in a stupid way. 

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