The hardest part {transitions}

Thursday, September 4, 2014

I've been back in Minnesota for a week and a half now and the transition has been relatively smooth. However, I'm currently feeling pretty sick. I'm assuming it's allergies or a sinus infection. I can still function as normal, I just have a sick voice, slightly inflamed eyes, and searing pain when I try to do push-ups (which I drop down and do all the time! kidding).
Back to being "back." The thing that has been throwing me off is the emptiness, quiet, and lack of activity. I hear crickets instead of car horns at night. I can walk around and not pass ANYONE. I don't even live in the suburbs. I live in South Minneapolis, minutes away from downtown. Now this isn't devastating by any means, but it's a bit of a shock to my system and I don't love it.  

Powderhorn park at Midday:
Do you see people? I sure don't.
 Central Park at Midday:
People. Lots of them.

Maybe I'll start to appreciate the quiet. My college campus has a lot of people, which has been good, but the day-to-day quietness of Minneapolis (compared to NYC) is weird. 

I guess I no longer have to put up with long lines for simple things like french fries, crowded subway stations at all hours, Timesquare, and NYC tour buses. 

Ohh, but all those things make NYC so special! I miss it.

One more comparison:
Minneapolis vs. (Wham!) New York City.... they don't even compare.

But! I'm here in Minneapolis and I'm going to choose to find joy in it. I'm supposed to be here and there are many good things about it. And so far, I've enjoyed many things including: the state fair, gardens, and Minneapolis sunsets.

Here's to a great semester!
(just like that, I'm jolly again. Blogging can boost my attitude)

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