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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Have you heard of Photojojo? It's a quirky photography shop for the everyday photographer (like me, and probably you!) I think they are pretty rad. I love browsing through their site and reading all their product descriptions-- it's all so witty. I wanted to showcase some of my favorite items from their shop! I'll let the pictures do the talking. I'm going to hopefully try out a product or two this summer!

Color Flash Filters  $15 - For some fun colors

                                                             Macro lens band $15 - For stellar details

iPhone Bolt Charger  $60 - For on the go

Instax Printer $220 - For fun prints!

iPhone Super Suit $79 - Everyone needs a super suit

Phoneography Starter Kit $30 - For the Basics

Oh, they have so much! And if I had an extra $9639.84 to kill I would buy one of everything they sell! 

On a related note, I'm doing a moments in June photography challenge on Instagram. Today I posted a picture of a trash can for day 8, so that's pretty exciting. yeah. 

All images belong to Photojojo

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  1. I've always wanted stuff from Photojojo! They have the coolest stuff!


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