Model Status

Monday, June 2, 2014

New York City Parks are filled with huge rocks and I think they're the greatest thing ever. I love them so much I wanted to pose with them. Doing so I discovered that I might have a future in modeling. 
Hands on the knee is always a classic.
Rocking that head tilt.

Mixing it up and posing with a bridge
Pop that knee!
Preparing for childbirth maybe?
 Alright... modeling isn't for me.

Check her out! My friend Liz could definitely be a model. 
And I'm pretty sure this girl is an ACTUAL model. There's models everywhere in NYC. Yes, we're still in Central Park, and yes that is a waterfall. A filthy waterfall for that much. 

Sidebar: My entire outfit was thrifted
Another Sidebar: I love the way these bloggers model fun outfits-
Color Me Nana
Writes Like a Girl
Casey Leigh
Check them out!

Feel free to share your link in the comments if you put fun outfits together! I would love to see what you got.


  1. I LOVE your shirt and your smile :) You could definitely be a model!! And I love the way your top pops with the scenery. Beautiful!!

    xo, gina

  2. how sweet are you??? your thrifted pieces are amazing--and that's what's most important. thankfully, blogging doesn't require you to be a model! i am the most awkward behind the camera, and even more so when i'm taking my photos by myself. i agree with you, though, Kelley takes fantastic photos with great poses!

    xo nicole


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