Sunday, November 17, 2013

I certainly love Autumn! This weekend I went to the Cloisters in the Washington Heights neighborhood. The weather was so beautiful and serene. Peaceful weekends help me forget about the drama and the headaches that happen during the week. Like when the ceiling in my bathroom bubbles and falls down, flooding my bathroom with water because of a leak on the floor above. No big deal. Or when Ms. F is gone and I have to put up with another sub. There's lots to do before the holidays roll in. I'm hoping my students and I can keep the stamina going. It's interesting that I will head home in about month. I can definitely go strong 'til then.
This weekend is probably the last that it will feel like fall. Leaves are quickly falling, and the city is filled with Christmasy stuff. The other day the Empire state building was lit up with red and green.

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