The City I Love

Friday, July 25, 2014

NYC, you're my fave. 
These are various pictures taken at different times and in different places. There is no theme between one picture to the next, only that they were taken in NYC. New York is really just a big jumble of craziness and beauty. It's so full and hectic. Pockets of stillness are rare, but usually lovely. 

1) Near Port Authority Bus Terminal
2) Times Square
3) Greenpoint, Brooklyn
4) Cafe Lalo
5) View from the Empire State Building
6) Greenpoint Apartments

1 comment :

  1. One of these days my husband are going to visit the city. I once stayed for a week at a youth hostel in Harlem for a week, but I didn't even see half of the things I wanted to, and he's never been.


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