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Thursday, September 19, 2013

I can confidently say that I thrive in the city. The non-stop pace of it keeps me going. I enjoy working all day and then doing something fun in the evening and sometimes into the night. The new faces and places on every corner constantly catch my eye. New York is full of culture.  9 times out of 10 it seems that the people I meet aren't even New Yorkers. They are like me. Exploring a new city, and loving it . They are here for work, school, or some other crazy endeavor. The opportunities are endless. I have met a girl who attends Juliard to play the harp, I have met many girls in the thick of the fashion industry (one of my good friends from city year is taking a year off from FIT (fashion institute). I have met scholars from the ivys and the top schools in NYC. The list goes on...
I have seen people literally sleep on the streets. On the other hand, I have seen people so rich it makes my head spin (forgive the cliche). 
I know people say that New York can be a very lonely place...despite all the people. I haven't felt the loneliness at all due to a tight-knit work atmosphere and a good faith community.  
Life here is an adventure, and the school I am working in is a whirlwind.
I am blessed. I am grateful. 

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