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Thursday, June 13, 2013

This week was the start of the art in the park classes that I will be doing throughout Minneapolis this Summer. I also had the opportunity to assistant teach for a little summer camp in the MIA studios. The camp was called My MIA. The students met with three staff members at the MIA, including: a gallery guard (named Thor!), a docent, and the manager of Family Programs (my old boss). Each day we focused on a new medium. Day 1 was sculpture. Day 2 was impressionist painting. Day 3 was tracing and drawing. We went through galleries to see examples of works for inspiration and then the students would sketch certain pieces in their books. Shelby, my sweet little cousin, was a student at the camp which made it super special!
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Here is the schedule of pop-up studios. Kids can come and do structured art projects focused on bugs and pollination in various parks- free! I will be teaching at a good handful of the classes. I would love to see familiar faces!
Here is the schedule of 3-part studios. You can register for these- these are also free! Some are full already, but feel free to check
Check out the MIA Family events page for more family and kid fun this Summer. There are festivals, classes and more.

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