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Saturday, January 26, 2013

This semester marks my last semester of high school. I just finished a week of it.

What my last semester looks like:
(Hope operates on the block schedule)

Tuesday/Thursday Classes:
Senior Thesis- Research a topic, write a big paper, and do a presentation on it.
Humane Letters (Medieval History)- We are reading Le Morte d'Arthur as of right now. More books to come.
Spanish- Yo aprender y practicar espaƱol.
Art- Studying surrealism.  This lady is my art teacher. She is wonderful.
note- I dropped choir for this semester.

Wednedsay/Friday Classes:
Calculus- Studying implicit and explicit differentiation. Derivatives, etc.
Theology- Studying the doctrine of Angels and Demons for now. More doctrines to come
Chemistry- Smells.
Advisory- College prep.
Drama- Preparing for a Shakespeare play in the spring. Stay tuned.

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  1. Sounds like fun! (sort of...) What Shakespeare play are you guys doing? Today was my first day of classes, I'm not sure if I'm really for a whole new semester yet! I didn't really miss homework.


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