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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Why are you blogging about that? Isn't the answer obvious? Even if it's not obvious, how could it be interesting? 

Transportation can be a big part of your day, so I think it's interesting to hear how people get from point A to point B on a day-to-day basis. There's a lot that can go in to someone's commute. Maybe you're the type who blasts music, listens to podcasts, chats with strangers around you, finishes your breakfast, etc. etc. I think it's all fascinating.

Can I just share my New York commute real quick? Commuting in NYC was so funnn.
My summer commute: 6:40 am- walk out the door and head to the 1 train on 86th and Broadway. If I was feeling tired or extra special, I would stop at Joe coffee and order an iced coffee during my 12 minute walk to the train.  Right before I went down to the subway station, I would usually buy some fruit at the greencart and grab the AM New York newspaper. These moments were sometimes hectic, especially when I heard a train entering the station. One time I dropped my phone during this process. It cracked. bummer. Next I hop on the train (duh) and ride it allll the way to the end of the line. It was a 40 minute ride. My activities during that time varied, and I'm sure you can imagine things I did.

Alright, that's good enough. This post is supposed to be about Minneapolis anyways.

Bike: I do bike, just not now. For one, my tire is flat and two, it's winter. During the fall I biked and I loved it. I can ride the greenway to school, which is basically a biking freeway with no traffic ever. I can park my bike for free too. Is that surprising? ;) My bike has a milk crate attached to the back of it so I can haul things around. I use a U-lock, although I'm not too concerned about bike theft.

Drive: I live less than a mile from my family, so almost anytime I need a vehicle for an extended period of time I can borrow from them, which is great. Now that it's cold I joined Car2go. It's been really fun and usually really convenient. It's also perfect for downtown driving because these cars are everywhere in downtown and parking is free when you drive these. The car cost 0.41 cents per minute and that includes gas, insurance, and parking. I feel like this car has the potential to save people lots of money and headache. Owning a car is just so expensive when you factor in insurance, car washes, gas, parking, taxes, towing, and accidents. It would be interesting to compare and break it down.

Bus: I ride the city bus. That's my least favorite form of transportation. The bus is unpredictable, it takes a long time, and it usually doesn't get me where I need to be. The one exception to this is taking the bus to church. That's fast, about 10 minutes. I have a student go-card so I can ride the bus unlimited times for the semester. I'm not sure if I'll get a bus card next semester...we'll see.

Alright, that's how I get around. Walking plays a part in all of these modes. Walking is a favorite.

Oh! Usually I listen to music when I'm driving. When I bike, I bike. I don't do anything else. When I ride the bus, I usually scroll through my phone.

And now the mandatory blogger question: How do you get around your city?

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  1. I live in Minneapolis to and I take the bus to get to and from work. While it does take a little longer and is so frustrating because the bus drivers are either early or late (and it doesn't bother me that they're never right on time, I just don't understand why they're usually way too early or way too late), but ever since I started listening to audiobooks I don't mind the commute as much.


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