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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I took a Strengths Finder Test a bit ago, and "futuristic" was one of my 5 strengths. Some "ideas for action" for futuristic people include-
-Take time to think about the future. The more time you spend considering your ideas about the future, the more vivid your ideas will become. The more vivid your ideas, the more persuasive you will be.
-Musing about the future comes naturally to you. Read articles about technology, science, and research to gain knowledge that will fuel your imagination.
There were several more action steps, but I will just share those two.
Sometimes I wonder if I really am a "futuristic" person. I believe it can be dangerous to always live in the future. Ideas and plans are great, but all we have is now, and if my mind is always on tomorrow, today just becomes a drag. I am also very practical. Dreaming big is difficult for me, because usually BIG doesn't mean practical. Nonetheless, I still find myself taking pleasure in brainstorming and thinking about the future.
At this point you probably assume that I am about to rattle on about my fabulous plans for the future. I am a senior after all, and will be graduating in a two months. I should probably have my future planned out. Lots of seniors have their "future" planned out, and being futuristic isn't even one of their strengths.
Well, I don't. I have  ideas and dreams, but nothing is coming together quite yet. I have been reading books and talking with some great people about things, but here I stand; it's April 9th, and I'm uncertain.
Oddly enough, I am okay with that. I'm doing what I have to do, and letting God handle things in his timing. I have been disappointed and discouraged. Long story short, the 3 colleges that I wanted to attend, did not accept me. I was put on the wait list for 2 of them. However, I was accepted into 4 great colleges, but still, the college road has been tough me.
As things start coming together, I will share, but for now I just wanted to give you an idea about what is going on, because the question, "what are you doing next year" has been an inescapable one. :)


  1. Thanks for sharing Abby. Praying for your future.

    1. Thanks for looking out for me, Vicki!

  2. You are at such an exciting crossroad, Abby, and I am eager to see what God will reveal for you. I did not get accepted to the colleges that I wanted, either - but I found Jesus because of the school I ended up going to! I love how God shows us that his plans are FAR above what we have planned for ourselves! p.s. let's chat about Strengths Finder sometime - I'd love to learn more about your talents!

  3. Thanks Nicole! I definitely think you are a futuristic person. :) Praise God that you ended up where you did, in regards to college. I wouldn't chatting about the Strengths Finder results. I think they are pretty accurate.

  4. I know exactly how you feel about the whole college thing... Don't worry, it will all come together and I know you'll love wherever you end up! Mostly what I wanted to say, though, is I love that picture of you! :)


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