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Saturday, October 18, 2014

I jotted this down a while ago, because I wanted to remember it. Now I'm "publishing" it.

I'm currently a live-in nanny with a super fun family. I watch the kiddos 12 hours a week. Tomorrow is my 9 to 5 nanny day with the kids. I enjoy it. Last Thursday I cycled through eight children in one day. Kids were literally flying in and out the door. If that confuses you, I'll break it down. The family has three boys. They have one foster child. That makes four. The other four kids came from three other families. But I'm not complaining. It keeps the day interesting. I suppose it can also make me lose my mind a bit. Here's an example.
A few weeks ago I wrote this status on Facebook:

Crazy, right? After I got the keys back, I found the incident funny. During the two hours of waiting because I dropped the car and house keys into the city sewer and then proceeded to lock myself out of the car (by shutting the door to pick up the keys that fell). My cell phone was locked in the car and I had young children by my side. At that point, I looked like the ghost emoji with a blue forehead and transparent eyes. We were stuck outside and I really didn't know what to do. I couldn't put my hand in the storm drain to fish for the keys. I couldn't call someone for help, and I could only walk so far with toddlers. And, like, where would I walk to? I dunno.  Be advised, I only had two of the kids with me at this time.   
After the initial moments of panic, I did something right -- I started knocking on doors. First door, no answer. Second door, a nice gentleman named Paul was willing to help. Well, willing to let me use his phone to call for help. This is where having a great dad comes in handy. He rushed over and managed to get a City of Minneapolis truck to follow him to the scene. hallelujah! So I thought. The worker lifted the metal plate to the storm drain and went down. He dug and looked all over, but no sign of the keys.  I just concluded that I'll have to shell out a few hundred bucks to make a new Volvo key to open the door to fetch my phone and wallet, and, well, drive the car. Life happens, that's why we save and have emergency funds. But the worker gave me the number to the Minneapolis sewer department so they could attempt to go into the sewer tank to find the keys. For those who understand how the pipes and drains work under city roads, don't quote me on what I'm saying here. All I know is that when the sewer department came, they lifted the plate in the middle of the road and went down and managed to come up with the keys. 
Yeah, I said it. The man found the keys! He reached into a pipe under the road and then came out with them. Isn't that awesome? 
I still don't completely understand how I managed to drop the keys. Actually, I do: installing carseats. not fun. But hey! It all worked out and I now I have a story that I can take away. I can also assure you that I'm not parking over a storm drain, like, ever again. 

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  1. Oh boy! I would have been panicking! I'm so glad you were able to get the keys!


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